Monday, June 30, 2008

EOM cleaning

The end of a month, the end of a quarter, so it's time for some clean-up. I haven't added anything to my "Other places of interest" in a while, not because I only look at the few that are there, but out of laziness to write this post and actually add the places. So it's time I did that.

Beat The Press is economist Dean Baker's "commentary on economic reporting." His dissatisfaction with the popular press on matters economic exceeds my own; his comments on their credulity are sharp and to the point. You can argue with some of what he says, but he is absolutely right when he chides the press, for example, on their missing the housing bubble, their unwillingness to listen to people who foresaw it, and their current endless goggle-eyed surprise that such a thing could occur.

I have linked to enough posts at Brilliant at Breakfast to add it to my places (the link originally came from Carrie, who cross-posts there from time to time). Jill is the primary poster on this collective, and I have already expressed my feelings about the remarkable passion she brings to her posts on the follies she sees around her.

Similarly, I have posted recently about the relatively new site, It's the blog of a professional economist who's also, that's right, a mom, and I have found its first month and a half to be quite winning, both in tone and insight.

I don't read many corporate blogs; most of them are put there simply to act as shills for the company's products. But Decidedly, a blog from a company named Dwaffler, gets beyond acting as an ad and brings up some thought-provoking ideas. (Disclaimer: the writer is an old friend of mine, but it's still worth checking out.)

Fire Joe Morgan has become a pretty well-known site among sports aficionados, mainly for the ability of the staff to deconstruct (oxymoron alert!) "sports journalism." The name comes from the oft-held feeling that Hall of Fame baseball player Joe Morgan should stick to card shows and get off the air as a baseball commentator (though Joe Posnanski looks a little deeper here, as is his wont). At any rate, the site is snarkily entertaining, though pretty insider baseball.

I have just recently sung the praises of Why does everything suck?, so I won't go on about it again, but it is really good, even for non-technical folks (if you are non-technical, and you go there on my recommendation, scroll a little, skip the ones that have a lot of technology - the rest are well worth your while).

[I'm not going to add Matt Yglesias and Andrew Sullivan as "Other places"; I read them regularly but, if you've found your way here, you've almost certainly found your way there (or can). No reason to make them more powerful than they already are.]

P.S. It only appears that I can be bought; the proprietors of two of the new sites I've listed were very kind in recent e-mails to me, which I appreciate, but their sites really are excellent. Actually, I probably can be bought, so keep those nice e-mails and comments coming.

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