Friday, May 1, 2009

He's back!

As he promised, John McIntyre, erstwhile copy editor at the sad Baltimore Sun, is back on the web. So we were only without him for a couple of days, which is a very good thing. You can enjoy his, well, I can't say it better than he:
Observations on language and the craft of editing, with additional reflections on subjects of no necessary connection with the former topics. Comments are welcome, and commenters are invited to keep a civil tongue in their heads.
at You Don't Say (that's right, unlike Larry "Bud" Melman, a name that NBC kept when Dave Letterman moved to CBS, the Sun has allowed Mr. McIntyre to take the name with him). [And I give the Sun credit for providing the link, without which I might have had trouble following this blog.]

His first non-welcome post is about the national conference of the American Copy Editors Society. I guess they're all in Minneapolis, at least if you read the sports section of the Chicago Tribune today to discover that the Marlins scored their game-winning runs in the 9th inning yesterday - I was watching the game, and could swear that the runs came in the 10th, but who am I to argue with a great metropolitan newspaper?

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