Monday, December 14, 2009

Notes on being away

Not blogging for two months has its pros and cons, but there are two I'll mention briefly.

1) I've started to get comment spam, odd since there's been very little activity here, and I'm planning to clean it out. If you happen to be a spammer who's reading this (as if), don't bother to send it. My readership is not all that big, and it's pretty much non-existent from Japan, so it's really not worth it.

2) Back in July I wrote a post that was kind of a throwaway, about a radio commercial that had really bugged me (does "keeper of cool" resonate with anyone?). Why, I can't imagine, but my post continues to show up first (out of 433,000 hits) in a Google search for that phrase, and, as a result, it has become my most popular post by a wide margin, attracting (so far) 39 comments. I confess that I don't understand that at all.


Anonymous said...

At my current job, I get to help Indians in India with their work every day.

The CEO specified the pay differential as 8:1.

It's really interesting to me, and of course I'm interested in the overall impact to America and the history of software. But I must consider those questions alone here. You won't comment.

- mcfnord

Anonymous said...

sorry to see that spam! thought of you just now. i'm editing description of our "Turing services". That's where 7 people in India tell our code what text appears in a CAPTCHA, in 90-minute shifts. How long could you handle it? I don't relish their task at all. OK LOOK YOU'VE HAVE A CAPTCHA FOR ME NOW...

- mcfnord

Anonymous said...

got a call for work where i'd clean up the writing of an offshore writing team. after the call ended, i thought of you. i wonder if you continue developing your theories and views about offshoring. i know i do, based on ongoing professional work involving them. as you know, i work with Indian employees now. this would involve handling more writing from Indian employees. i think this is the "third wave" of offshoring for me, as it sounds like a new model of writing production. pay remains solid for me. i bit $50/hr at 1099. anyway, i know it's not a discussion here. but it is a monologue on the ongoing evolution of outsourcing in my career. there used to be whole rants and jeers in the soup but now it's just me. that's alright. - mcfnord

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