Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dennis Miller

It's my impression that Dennis Miller was scared to death by 9/11. I don't know the details, but that event seems to have been the catalyst for his conversion to conservatism (though he terms himself a libertarian, as if blowing up Iraqi civilians meshes with a live-and-let-live philosophy). I have the feeling that Dennis wears shoes on his hands when he goes to the airport so he can prove his patriotism by putting two pairs into the tray.

Now I don't really have a problem with that; if someone wants to turn himself into a poster child for Rove-ian style politics ("scare 'em enough and they'll keep voting for you"), that's their business. If you want to go on shows, including your own, and argue that George W. Bush is the only person who could have kept us safe these past seven years, most people will see that as the wrong-headed thinking it is.

But Dennis was on with Jay Leno Thursday night, and he said something that probably reflects what a lot of people believe (I'm paraphrasing, because I couldn't find the exact quote): John McCain gave us five-and-a-half years, we certainly should be willing to give him four.

It casts no aspersions on John McCain's heroism and bravery to point out that this reasoning is just plain stupid. Does that mean that, if McCain were running against an opponent who had spent seven years in captivity, that the other guy should be handed the job? Maybe Miller was just being offhand, finding a shorthand way to express his deeply-felt beliefs about McCain being the better candidate, but surviving a prison camp is not necessarily proper preparation for the presidency. If Miller has a case to make, maybe he should try some other idea.


Anonymous said...

This election proves that American is indeed a backward and racist country.

Give McCain four b/c he was once captured 40 years ago. America has already given McCain the chance when he was caught on the Keating 5 scandal. He should have been in jail for that.

For those people who said Palin did okay in the debate, they are just a bunch of racist thugs. The reason is that they allow themselves to set the bar soooooo low for her that unless she had a similar verbal diarrhea similar to answering the bailout question on Katie Couric's interview. Why would you not set the same standard for Obama? Let me speak the unspeakable, you cannot embrace him b/c you have not been accustomed to seeing the possibility of the top job being filled by a color person who in 40 years ago would not have an opportunity to attend Harvard Law even on his own merits.

She clearly was citing from her notes and talking points. On several occasions she was not able to answer the questions strictly. If Palin was not a woman and the moderator was not affilated with Obama through a book deal, Palin should have been pressed to answer to the questions.

It is funny to see these self proclaimed independent whites who are trying every excuses to rally behind McCain and Palin when the reality is that Obama is a much better candidate compared to both of them based on what we have seen. He was gracious in his debate and attacked based on facts and past voting records.

For those stupid whites who would dream of returning to the era of Reagan, let me tell you the time has changed. The US is at the bink of declining with huge deficits, debts, and lost of credibility of USD. The US just does not have the same financial strengh to pretend to be the world police and the #1 superpower.

Greg said...

I was thinking about the Dennis Miller quote. Suppose you agree with Miller - that McCain deserves the presidency because of his ordeal as a PoW. If that's the case, why didn't McCain deserve the presidency back in 2000? Or put another way, why did George W. Bush deserve the presidency more than John McCain?

It just shows that the Dennis Miller quote is absurd.

Androcass said...

Well, to be fair, George W did log some pretty tough duty in the Texas Air National Guard...

Greg said...

Right - George W Bush defended the bars of America from ... himself?

Androcass said...

But he did learn that impressive swagger that has wimpy leaders like Putin bending to his will.

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