Friday, October 17, 2008

The End Times are nigh

The Chicago Tribune has endorsed Barack Obama. This may make a great trivia question one day: What do Barack Obama, Horace Greeley, and Teddy Roosevelt have in common? They are the only non-Republicans the Trib has endorsed for president.

I wrote last week that I would be surprised if it happened, and I am. The editorial board seems to be impressed with Obama, and disappointed in McCain ("McCain put his campaign before his country") in his pick of a running mate and his incoherent back-and-forth message.

If you want to be discouraged, take a look at some of the comments (1167 as of this writing). I got through 20 or so, then turned away in disgust. At a time when this country needs to come together, we still seem mighty polarized, much of it based on scurrilous lies and pointless innuendo. I hope that some of those commenters will pull themselves together, realize that (unlike the past 8+ years) we will most likely have a president who will try to represent everyone, and pitch in with solving our problems. Perhaps that's just a dream, but I can hope...

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