Friday, May 30, 2008

We? Stupid?

In my preceding post, I mentioned that I was on my way somewhere else when I came across Gil Troy's post. Where I was going was the blog by Rick Shenkman on History News Network. HNN is a site by a number of historians who plan to comment on politics (obviously I wasn't awestruck by Troy's post), but their goals are good:
To expose politicians who misrepresent history. To point out bogus analogies. To deflate beguiling myths. To remind Americans of the irony of history. To put events in context. To remind us all of the complexity of history.
So HNN is worth checking out, and I'll be taking a closer look in the near future. In particular, I'll be reading the "sub-blog" of Rick Shenkman, which is titled Just How Stupid Are We?, and is connected to his new book, Just How Stupid Are We? Facing the Truth About the American Voter. Since I often marvel at how decidedly ignorant Americans choose to be, I'll be seeing if Shenkman, an investigative reporter and history professor, offers new insight (I hope he can get names right in the future, as his current post misspells Gwen Ifill's name).

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