Monday, July 27, 2009

Another tragic death

The word "legendary" finally died today. It had been on life support for some time, but it took the Chicago Tribune to push it over the edge:

Alexis Cohen, legendary 'American Idol' contestant, killed in hit-and-run in New Jersey

Legendary for her cursing rant against Simon Cowell

I acknowledge that this is a tragedy for her family and friends, and I'm not trying to make light of her death.

But when a headline writer for a major metropolitan newspaper destroys the meaning of a word in some lame bid to draw attention to one of the more minor stories of the year, it is not wrong to wonder just how low our standards will go.


Anonymous said...

This article is top of their their most-read list, so they know exactly what people consider legendary.

The scope is specified in the headline. She is legendary in the context of American Idol contestants, and the sub-head specifies precisely why.

You follow dreadful news because it makes you feel smarter-than-thou?

I follow you so... I feel smarter-than-thou?

Apparently we both succeed at these goals.

- mcfnord

Androcass said...

Ha, ha, how droll.

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