Saturday, July 4, 2009

An entertainer in the Capitol? No way

Republicans seem to be upset that former Saturday Night Live writer and occasional performer Al Franken has finally been certified as the winner of a Senate seat from Minnesota. He "stole the election," he's "unqualified," and so forth.

What could they ever think of a president who had appeared in movies like:
  • Cowboy from Brooklyn
  • Girls on Probation
  • Naughty but Nice
  • Alice in Movieland
  • Juke Girl
  • The Rear Gunner
  • Stallion Road
  • She's Working Her Way Through College
I mean, come on, do we want some porn actor in Washington, in the seat of power?

Of course, these are all movies from the oeuvre of Republican saint Ronald Reagan. Maybe Stuart Smalley isn't looking quite as bad now.

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