Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A shameless bid for Google attention

The Illinois Lottery is running a couple of commercials for their second chance lottery game, one of those things where people can win by saving their losing tickets. One of those commercials has a funny line, though I'm ignoring the fairly obvious implication that girls with accents are easy (leading the lottery-playing character to get a creepy smile on his face). One of the Vegas dancers is trotting down the street and says, "I'm a dancer. I can dance." The actress gives a good reading of the line.

I mention this only because I want to see what Google does with this post. Only one result currently comes up in a search with <"i'm a dancer i can dance" lottery>; this post should make two.


Anonymous said...

- mcfnord

Anonymous said...

Googled the line because it's so fucking annoying and it's stuck in my head! It may have been funny the first time but they play it here 1000 times per day. I'd also like to punch that guy's stupid grinning face right in too.

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