Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blago bits

I don't really find the Blagojevich business very funny, living in Illinois as I do. I know it's the source of high comedy in the rest of the country, and to some extent in the rest of the world, but the entertainment value is limited if you are actually represented by this clown. The saddest part is that this circus has come in the wake of an election that has energized the nation; all the hope we've invested in Obama and the possibility that the system will change has been flushed as we've seen the venality of one governor and the blithering incompetence and inconsistency of our U.S. Congress. And Roland Burris, who should have faded into obscurity as a go-along get-along guy who never accomplished anything of merit, has been exposed as the egotistical clod he has, apparently, always been.

That said, since it's Sunday, I'll link to an Eric Zorn post where he collects some of the greatest hits in the Blagojevich rhetorical repertoire. I'll quote just one (I'll let you read the rest, I barely had the stomach for it):
“I must confess, I kind of wish I could do just about everything by myself, because I feel Illinois would be a heck of a lot better.” ... January, 2008
I remember hearing that at the time and thinking he was joking. I was wrong.

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