Saturday, January 10, 2009

Do they have blue pencils in Bangalore?

From Phil Rosenthal at the Chicago Tribune, a story that says that the Chicago Sun-Times may outsource its copy-editing, and Canada and India were mentioned as possible locations for this work.

I'm not sure how much one can save by sending any jobs to Canada, so one would have to assume that there would be less actual editing going on. If they go to India, of course, lower salaries could allow even more editing.

Here in Chicago, we know that the only surprise is that the Trib filed for bankruptcy first:
The company [Sun-Times Media Group], which last year cut $50 million in costs and this year has said it plans to eliminate another $45 million to $50 million to stem losses, earlier this week proposed a 7 percent cut in compensation for all union workers at the Sun-Times and its dozens of sister Chicago-area publications and Web sites.
It's good to know that the lower salaries workers will receive here will go to help the struggling economy of India.

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2Truthy said...

First they give them our white collar jobs.

Then they censor us.

Makes sense.

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