Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The age of Obama

Sunday's unsurprisingly light pre-Super Bowl interview of the new president by Matt Lauer did have one revealing moment. As Lauer played a mild form of Russert-style "gotcha" in discussing Obama's pick for the big game, the president, after laying out his reasons for supporting Pittsburgh, said that he knew and was impressed by the story of Kurt Warner, Arizona quarterback (Hy-Vee grocery bagboy to Super Bowl star).

He then mentioned "the fact that Kurt Warner’s close to my age," which just goes to show you that no one's immune from looking back. Obama himself has people playing the, "He's only x years old, what have I accomplished?" game. So maybe it's somewhat comforting that he can take solace in a quarterback who's almost as old as he is playing a young man's game.

[Eric Zorn pointed out a couple of weeks ago that the U.S. Presidents have skipped the 1950s, as we jumped right from two '40s guys to a '60s guy.]

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