Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some Sunday fun

Since I had the temerity to publish something serious today, I want to also put up something fun. Since I was critical of the over-processing rife in the music business on Friday, I should point out how much fun music can be. One of my favorites is the song, well-known (extremely) in Canada, not so much here, "If I Had $1000000," by the Barenaked Ladies. This group has never become huge in the U.S., though their song "One Week" has received some play in commercials.

At any rate, $1000000 is a parody of a country song, but it is quite catchy in its own right, and the lyrics are to my mind as funny as any I've heard (of course, your comedic mileage may vary; my wife doesn't find it nearly as funny as I do). I won't recount the Kraft dinner business here, I'll leave that to Wikipedia and hope they got it right. This video from YouTube is apparently from a show in 1999:

"Not a real green dress, that's cruel" - makes me laugh, at least (maybe I'm a closet Canadian).

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