Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Oscars - again

[Yes, I'm reprinting this from last year. Elizabeth retains its status, though I almost took advantage of the AMC deal to watch all five nominated Best Pictures for $30. The Emmy telecast was still dreadful, and I only caught enough of the Grammys to add Stevie Wonder and Jonas Brothers to my list of awful collaborations.

[The main reason I'm putting this up again, however, is that I think it one of my most vacuous posts ever. There's nothing here, little entertainment value and less insight. I reprint it to keep me humble.]

I have nothing particularly profound to say about the Oscars. Except, I have no idea why I watch each year, why I actually look forward to the telecast. The last time I saw a film that had been nominated was 1998, when I saw Elizabeth. (Of course, I've seen movies since that had been nominated or won, I'm referring to those I had seen before the nominations.) I'm just not a big first-run movie person.

Yet I really enjoy watching the telecast, and it's the only awards show I feel that way about. I will watch the Emmys (and wasn't the last one dreadful, with the in-the-round stage and Ryan Seacrest), and the Grammys sometimes have some interesting collaborations (though Carrie Underwood and the (faux-?) Stomp did not qualify). But the only truly unmissable one for me is the Academy Awards.

Is this because it's a shared world experience, so I'm connecting with people everywhere in marveling at the glories of George Clooney in a tux? Is it because it brings up memories of the family gathered around the television in happier, simpler times? Is it to feed my envy of those of easy glamor and privilege?

I don't know, I only know I'll be watching, and you might as well too. Either that, or enjoy a good book.

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