Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What is, where have the Jeopardy writers gone?

I've mentioned before that I generally only watch Final Jeopardy, as I don't find the questions in the first two rounds interesting enough. (Even then I only catch 2 or 3 a week; I guess Jeopardy isn't quite must-see TV for me.)

It seems to me, based on my limited sampling, that the Final Jeopardy questions are a lot easier this season than they have been previously. For every one that requires you to know who Damon Runyon was ("He was also the U.S.'s best-paid sportswriter, with stories of people like Chicago O'Brien & Jack the Bookie"), there seem to be quite a few that are fairly simple ("On Oct. 14, 1947 in the Mojave Desert the first of these sounds was made by man; it was the byproduct of another first" - What is a sonic boom?).

Well, now that I've said that, I'll probably strike out on ten in a row. Bring it on, Alex.

[I was able to get the exact wording of the questions, um, answers, from the excellent Jeopardy fan site, J! Archive.]

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Greg said...

If Tuesday 2/10/09 is any indication, I'd agree with you. I'm no Ken Jennings, but I figured out the answer (er... question) to Final Jeopardy in a couple of seconds.

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