Thursday, March 19, 2009

He's so funny

Rush Limbaugh is truly one of the great comedians of our times. He professes to be the voice of the Republican party even as he points the way to its demise.

He hopes that Obama will fail. Even though he is theoretically in touch with "the people," he misses the reality that Obama is perceived as trying to fix the country's woes. Hoping that he will fail is the same, in most people's eyes, as hoping the country will fail. Of course, he says now that's not what he meant, that he simply didn't want Obama's techniques of fixing the economy to succeed. Sure not what it sounded like.

Now Limbaugh says, "I am all for the AIG bonuses." Even the people who believe that they need to be paid because of contracts, or who think these all-so-talented folks need to be retained to undo the harm they've created, would not be "all for" the payments.

Perhaps Limbaugh has simply talked so much that he can no longer hear, or, just maybe, he is a brilliant conceptual comedian. What he is not is someone that anyone should listen to for insight on the country's condition.

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