Monday, March 2, 2009

Speaking of the Sunday shows

I just wrote about yesterday's Meet The Press, but I have a more general question. Why are political operatives and pollsters so often invited on these shows to talk about policy?

George Stephanopoulos had Karl Rove and Stan Greenberg on his This Week panel yesterday. Everyone knows Rove as the architect of Bush's two presidential victories; Greenberg is less widely known, but is a Democratic pollster. If George had these gentlemen on to talk about campaign strategies and their effects on the populace, that would be worthwhile, but there's no campaign now. So Rove and Greenberg are talking about the pros and cons of Obama's economic policies.

And I don't care what they think, because they're process guys, not content guys. The Peter Orszag (new director of the OMB) interview may not have been exciting (or particularly illuminating), but at least he's in the thick of the reality.

I can understand why Rove and Greenberg would want to expand their portfolios, but I can't understand why, with all the newsmakers that float around Washington on a Sunday morning, ABC would put these chaps on.

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