Friday, March 20, 2009

A new blog

I don't mean this to become the "Commenting on Joe Posnanski" blog (though I might get more readers if I did), but I'm going to mention him yet again. Posnanski is the excellent sportswriter who writes for the Kansas City Star, Sports Illustrated, and has a very entertaining blog that is mostly about sports. (He also has a new book coming out in September, but I'll let him push that on his blog.)

He started a new blog a couple of days ago, and I'll let him describe what it's about:
So, here's the concept of this blog: Newspapers, we all know, are drowning. There are reasons for this, numerous reasons, some complicated, some very simple, some interesting, some boring as sin. The times are changing. The economy is in the tank. Readership is breaking into niche audiences. The business model is broken. Print is dying. Newspapers lost touch with readers. Readers lost touch with newspapers. On and on and on and on and on.

People also feel very differently about what's happening to papers. Some say good riddance. Some worry for the future of Democracy. Some believe newspapers wrote their own death notice with their greed and stubborn reluctance to adjust to a changing world. Some believe this future was inevitable, that the overpowering newspaper business that once existed could not survive, it had to be picked apart piece by piece like the fish in "Old Man and the Sea." Some believe that a technological breakthrough and an economic turn can put newspapers (or whatever they will be called by then) a new life -- there are more readers now than ever before. Some think that if you hooked up a heart monitor to the newspaper business right now, you'd get a straight line.
The blog is called The Future of Newspapers, and, even though Posnanski has not mentioned my post that, coincidentally, came out the same day (The future of journalism), I thought I'd steer any of you who have an interest in this topic to it. What it will become, I don't know, but I always find it intriguing to get in on the ground floor of a blog that discusses topics in which I have an interest.

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