Sunday, March 8, 2009

I want to dislike him

I want to dislike Justin Timberlake, really I do.  The whole Mickey Mouse Club, boy group thing seems like a career path calculated to make him famous and rich.  To see him as a male version of his erstwhile girlfriend, the insufferable Britney Spears, is almost too easy.

Yet, he is putting together a pretty decent career.  His music has continued to grow and develop since the 'N Sync days.  I don't know what portion of this is due to Timberlake, and what to producers and songwriters, but he's doing some reasonably complex stuff.  He even almost redeemed Madonna's 4 Minutes (but only almost).

His public persona has become appealing as well, despite certain missteps at, say, a particular Super Bowl halftime show.  He has a real chance to become one of the go-to hosts for Saturday Night Live, in the same company as Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin.  I can't hear Beyonce's Single Ladies without picturing the SNL skit where Timberlake appeared as a backup dancer.

Jimmy Fallon's late-night debut last Monday, that meltdown disaster, was almost saved by Timberlake.  Supposedly, he volunteered to fill in and do an extra number at the Grammys when Chris Brown was, ahem, indisposed.

JT seems like a good guy with some talent; maybe his biggest talent is seeming likable, but I remain to have it proven to me that he's actually a jerk.

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