Tuesday, April 7, 2009

At least he won't mention me

Entertaining post by Jim Henley at Unqualified Offerings, Who Blogs Too Much? Henley contends that there are just some bloggers who are too busy. He captures well the challenge of keeping up with even those writers who are favorites:
Some of the people are folks whose writing I’ve long enjoyed but whom I’ve practically given up on reading because, when faced with a count of 30 items in Google Reader – since breakfast – the heart sinks and the mind quails. And if you’ve ever seen a sinking quail you know they make awkward, fluttering crashes. It’s much easier to just click the “Mark All Read” button and resolve to catch the next batch.
Wow, can I relate. I try to keep up with a fraction of the "big" bloggers, and Yglesias, Benen, and Sullivan alone are utterly exhausting. Then I fall behind, and Google Reader cuts off the posts after a month, and I feel that I'm missing something (even though it's just old news).

There does come a point where you kind of wish that these folks would put some general principles at the top of the page, then not write any posts that are covered by those principles (Yglesias: "I support congestion pricing and mass transportation" - that would eliminate some goodly percentage of his output).

Henley offers some suggestions of his own ("Most of you should average four to six posts a day"), but I fear nothing will work, at least not so long as blog posts = traffic = revenue.

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