Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Does the bad news never stop?

I just caught a look at a comment on yesterday's blogging effort, and 2Truthy has informed me that, as the title of her post states, Citizen Carrie Gone Missing.  The blog Carrie's Nation now is filled with the message, "Blog has been removed."

It would be easy to be flip here, as I would assume that this is more likely to be a Blogger technical mishap (my post editing screen has been acting peculiarly the past couple of days - related?  Who knows?) than something dire, so one's first thought turn to whatever humor can be derived from it (perhaps Obama's Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer, both men of Indian descent, have tired of Carrie's concerns about the reckless use of H-1B visas and offshoring, and have invoked a super-secret Dick Cheney-style law to shut her down - one only hopes that Carrie is not right now on her way to Gitmo).  2Truthy has, more entertainingly than I, covered up her concern with some light-hearted musings.

So we who care about Carrie will watch, and wait, and hope that it is nothing more than the usual Blogger foolishness, and all will be restored before too long.


Red Oak said...

Maybe we can start a cult - waiting faithfully for the return of Citizen Carrie. We can have cool hats and hand signals and everything.

I was pretty freaked when Blogger returned that particular short stark error yesterday.

Androcass said...

Perhaps we should divest ourselves of all worldly possessions, gather at the mountain top, and wait for CC to descend from the heavens and scoop us up in her rocket ship and take us to her asteroid where we can build a new community based on logic and fairness.

Red Oak said...

...and muscle cars.

Anonymous said...

and statues of ayn rand. - mcf

2Truthy said...

" only hopes that Carrie is not right now on her way to Gitmo)."

Haha! El doubto, senor. That site was tame.

Now that the wake's over and the missing cadavre of Carrie's Nation has been laid to rest in the cache inside the belly of the Google Beast, I hereby suggest a Friday tradition of CC's forelorn, soggy followers to post Motown hits.
(She did a great post on this, btw.)

Starting out this Friday with the Chi-Lites "HAVE YOU SEEN HER", ok ok so it's NOT Motown but that could be the first tribute from we Chicago natives, eh?

Truth Seeker said...

Mail to Carrie's hotmail address also bounces. She appears to have hung up her spurs without saying anything. Marital problems (and related mental health fallout) can be at the heart of sudden Internet disappearances like this. Not saying I know this is so. Not even close. But I've seen people disappear before after their long-suffering spouse delivers an ultimatum......or drops a bomb.

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