Sunday, April 5, 2009

New places

I am not as diligent in managing my Other Places of Interest (move your eyes to the right) as I should be. There are places I go to that I haven't added, some because they're too ubiquitous to need my help (I'm talking about you, Sullivan and Yglesias), some because my feed reader obviates the need for me to click on my own places.

I'm also wary of doing too much pruning; it's easy to believe that some people are gone when they're only resting. One of my favorites, The Corporate Cynic, hasn't had any activity since last July; should I drop that? I don't, for two reasons: first, the stuff that's posted there is still worthwhile to read if you haven't seen it before; and second, these sites can come popping back into play at any moment. For example, I had pretty much figured that From ship to shore, an entertaining travel blog by a cruise ship hostess, was out of business when there had been no new posts in 14 months. But Jacky's back out on a round-the-world cruise, and she's posting again.

So I've added another couple this week, only fitting as I keep plundering them for posts. The Baltimore Sun copy editor John McIntyre writes a very entertaining and enlightening blog, You Don't Say, and I have added it to the list. Now you can easily go there directly instead of reading my rehashes of his work.

David Seaton is a journalist who now lives in Spain, and he has a pretty cynical (realistic?) take on the world. He expresses this on his News Links blog in which he chronicles the destructive trends he sees, and he spares nobody; he's not much a bigger fan of Obama than he was of Bush.

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