Monday, July 14, 2008

The joy of unreality

Yesterday, George Will, appearing in his usual spot with George Stephanopoulos on ABC's This Week, backed up Phil Gramm's comments that we've "become a nation of whiners." (More here.) According to Will, we're not in a recession, and "we are the crybabies of the western world."

This is rich. If there is a bigger crybaby or whiner than George Will, I've never seen him. This is a guy whose dream came true, as we elected the second coming of Ronald Reagan in 2000, then, boo hoo, it turned out the guy was a blithering, lying incompetent. So he got to complain about that.

Now we have "an extraordinarily low pain threshold." Tell that to the steelworker in Pennsylvania, the auto worker in Michigan, the programmer in St. Louis, the network engineer in Chicago, and on and on, all the people who wonder seriously if they have futures, despite following all the rules and doing what they were told and working hard. Tell it to the older folks wiped out by health problems that their insurance was supposed to cover. Tell it to the hard-working Americans who don't know how to advise their kids on what career might have a modicum of stability. Tell it to the immigrant yard worker who can't afford to drive his truck out to the ritzy suburb that he has to work in, but has no dream of ever living in. Tell it to the college student who's paying $40,000 a year for the same education that costs an Indian kid $750, then has to compete with that kid for a job.

Of course, to tell it to all those people, George, you'd actually have to climb off your high horse ant talk to some of those people, and we know you'd never run the risk of messing up your $3,000 suit, you miserable superior elitist waste of air.

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