Thursday, July 31, 2008

Leavin' his Beautiful Soul

Sticking with music on a sticky late-July day...

Pop singer Jesse McCartney has expressed a desire to move beyond the kid-pop sound of his 2004 hit "Beautiful Soul." After all, he's 21 now, so it's time to man up, go the Timberlake route, get that harder edge.

Then why is his new hit "Leavin'" even less macho than "Beautiful Soul"? It's pretty frothy stuff, and features a performance of near-negative sexuality. I really doubt that Mr. Tough is going to convince his lady to "call your shorty and tell him you found a new man." (Of course, this gal with the amazing "thing you got behind you" may be impressed with Jesse's "G-5, G-5" - golddigger.)


2Truthy said...

Whoooo! I'll have to check out Jesse.
In the meantime, I have recently developed a pronounced taste for Jazz. Hanging around Yoshi's is a new pastime. They say Jazz makes you smarter, and of course, I'll agree agree;)

Androcass said...

My dad was a big jazz fan, but passed away before he conveyed any of that to me. My mom, having sat in too many jazz clubs for her taste, wanted none of it in her house. So I came to it kind of late, and have never delved as deeply as I might have. I find some of the swing-era stuff to be more adventurous than is commonly perceived; it's not all just "dance music." And there's an undeniable safe coolness in Brubeck.

But I've had trouble getting into the more outre material - the free jazz of the AACM does almost nothing for me. Maybe I need to work at it some more.

2Truthy said...

Indeed, some of the swing-era jazz greats like Fletcher Henderson's "Knock-Knock" are a hoot!

Here's a primer on "the very best of jazz" on the scene today:)

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