Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Um, yeah, what she said

If I read other blogs first, I could save myself a lot of typing. Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast already jumped in yesterday with typical verve and passion on new Republican superstar Carly Fiorina. She does miss the tenure at Lucent, in which Fiorina's self-aggrandizing schemes did a lot to take down one of the greatest innovation engines this nation has ever known (not enough people recall that the eminent Bell Laboratories was, and is, kind of, part of the Lucent family - Lucent, an Alcatel-Lucent company, today bringing its expertise to the people of France).

The whole AT&T/Bell Labs/Lucent story is a virtual case study, a microcosm of how the United States pissed away its very real advantages in pursuit of short-term profits and executive riches. And Carly was right in the middle of all that, only to leave in high dudgeon when they didn't give her the top spot. A real piece of work.

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