Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stupidity for sure

I've just come across a link I had saved from nine days ago, and thought I'd put it up. It's a New York Times op-ed by Frank Rich, and Rich lays out the case concerning John McCain's ignorance of the economy. The money quote:
When it comes to the central front of American anxiety — the economy — his learning curve has flat-lined.
The rest is solid, especially as it discusses Phil Gramm and Carly Fiorina (who "adds nothing to the mix beyond her incessant display of corporate jargon," which is accurate). Rich seems to believe that Michael Bloomberg would, as a vice presidential choice, give McCain the best chance of reclaiming any ground on financial issues, but points out that Bloomberg would be unlikely to take such a position.

Given McCain's missteps on calling out Barack Obama, essentially sending him overseas for a remarkably successful trip, it would be a shame if we forgot his far bigger problems with the economy. Consider this my contribution to remembering.


2Truthy said...

Androcass, Thanks for the reminder on McCain's woeful grasp of the economy and his favorite cheerleader, Carly Fee-whore-eena who Rich accurately nails. Why would anyone lis$en to this justifiably sacked former CEO of HP?

Citizen Carrie said...

I can just see McCain criss-crossing the country and asking his aides what those "Garage Sale" signs are all about.

2Truthy said...

HAha, CC, that's tooo funny.

Add to that visual Miss Carly in tow as she reassures McCain that all those foreclosed homeowners never had a right to "all that crap made in China" anyway.

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