Sunday, August 24, 2008

A couple of changes to Other places

One of the first bloggers I read regularly was Kevin Drum at what was then called Calpundit. He's close to my age, has a similar philosophy to mine, and, other than the occasionally California-centric post, writes about things I like to read about. I have quoted and linked to him frequently, though I've had to stop reading the comments on his posts because they're so troll-filled.

A few years ago, he moved his blog, now called Political Animal, under the auspices of Washington Monthly magazine and, other than the occasional subscription drive post, things went ahead pretty much as before. Now, Kevin has moved again, to Mother Jones magazine (and who knew that was still around?). His new blog, now name-titled, is here. I'm going to assume that nothing much will change, so I'm going to add the new blog to my Other Places.

At the same time, Political Animal will be taken up by Steve Benen. I don't "know" him as well, but he has filled in for Kevin a few times and has been interesting. I'll leave that in my Other Places for now, and continue to check it out.

Otherwise, even though I continue to monitor other blogs through Google Reader, I haven't found any in a while to add to a list which I want to continue to keep reasonably small. As always, Gentle Reader, I will keep you informed.

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