Monday, August 4, 2008

An explanatory note

You may have noticed, if you're a regular reader, that I haven't done much posting about politics lately. I was quite involved in the Democratic primary, but, since that was decided, I haven't had much to say.

It is not that I am not following what's going on, but, frankly, I'm pretty disgusted by both sides right now. The seeming purity of the Obama campaign, which I admired for its intent even as I disagreed with a small number of its specifics, has given way to a Clinton-esque lean to the center, a position which is insupportable. The poorly-thought out urge to move troops to Afghanistan, the "willingness to compromise" on economic issues, these don't strike me as necessary for vote-getting as much as they are incoherent.

The McCain campaign is, remarkably, worse. Obama doesn't need to cast doubts on the McCain message as long as McCain has his embarrassing surrogates out there, from Whinin' Phil Gramm to Carly "I'm a businesswoman - a bad businesswoman" Fiorina to Joe Lieberman ("I've been to Iraq with John McCain, seen the morning dew on his weathered brow as he stands in the sunlight, firm, resolute, right on all the issues - and oh, so sexy"). The McCain message is, seemingly, that he can embody contradictory beliefs in one amazing package; "I don't agree with George Bush on anything, except for the policies that are most important to the American people - on those I agree with him 100% - except when I don't - but tomorrow I'll tell you I do."

I desperately hope one or more of these campaigns pull it together around convention time, as I'm growing more revolted by both by the day.

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