Monday, August 4, 2008

Late to the party

I fall too far behind my reading sometimes, even for my favorites. So, six days late, I highly recommend Citizen Carrie's The Message Behind the Message. It's the typical Carrie blend of passionate writing and deconstruction of, this time, an article from The Economist with links to all sorts of things you should read. If I quote any, I'll quote all, so I'll just pick:
How did we jump from the richest 1% getting 11% annual income growth to us blaming trade because the remaining 99% of us plebians are getting less than 1% income growth? Could The Economist have forgotten the part about how, in the search for the lowest costs possible, whole industries are being shipped overseas along with the associated blue collar and manufacturing engineering jobs? Did the authors think of how many seemingly safe information technology, engineering, legal, accounting, financing, journalistic etc. jobs are also heading overseas? And employees for the jobs that are remaining here in the U.S. are facing competition from both illegal and legal guest workers and immigrants who are imported to do the jobs Americans supposedly won't do? And many of the high-skilled jobs performed by H-1B guest-workers are exported out of the country for good after the guest-workers have been sufficiently trained? And the consequence of all of these events is to bring down our wages?

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Anonymous said...

"information technology seemed pretty safe at first. it started as a weekend thing. upgrade RAM, install an OS. but pretty soon i was dual-booting, and setting up VPN's."

information technology - not as safe as you might think.

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