Sunday, August 31, 2008

A question about labels

(I haven't had much luck asking questions in this blog, perhaps a function of low readership, do you think?, but I'll try again.)

The post I just wrote about rocks and deer (provocative tease, n'est-ce pas?), I had trouble labeling it. I don't generally agonize over the labels too much, it's not something I think has so much use that I need to give a lot of thought to it.

But I like the labels to mean something, whether it be politics or sports or whatever. And every so often I write a post that seems uncategorizable, like the last one, where I slapped on "running" (fairly misleading) and created a new one called "memories," which seems accurate but not so terribly useful.

So what do other people do with their categories? Do you worry about it, try to make the set you have developed fit every subsequent post, or do you just create them on the fly and not get concerned about how big or orthogonal the set is?

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Citizen Carrie said...

I just slap on labels because everyone else does and hope people don't rely on them to find every post I've written on the subject. I'm too inconsistent.

The worst problem I have is when I write what I think is a one-time post on a topic. I don't necessarily create a new label for it, but I assign an older label that comes reasonably close. When I write subsequent posts, I realize the topic needs its own label. I know I should go back to re-label my prior posts, but I seldom do.

And, yes, I "...create them on the fly and not get concerned about how big or orthogonal the set is".

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