Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bush and Brian, making us laugh

The funniest part of Bush's speech last night, which I'm rapidly becoming convinced nobody but me watched, had nothing to do with the speech itself; there's really nothing at all funny about a president who neglects problems for 7-3/4 years, then tries to convince the country that we should all jump on his bandwagon now to address them.

No, it was afterwards, as Brian Williams hastily tried to make way for America's Got Talent, and he did the usual, "for more coverage of the financial crisis, turn to MSNBC, CNBC, Telemundo (or does NBC own Univision), Polska TV, Oxygen, HGTV, and the Internet (you may have guessed I'm paraphrasing generously here), and also tune into your late local news (emphasis mine)."

Ha, ha, ha, Brian. The probability that my late local news will have any insight into this situation is less than zero. I knew they would cover the Trump Tower topping-off ceremony (look, the Donald noticed us, this Podunk town of Chicago), show a few baseball highlights, devote an inordinate amount of time to the weather, but Warner and Alison (fill in the names of your own ethnically-, racially-, and genderly-balanced news team here)? Give us any information about a complicated business problem? Please, Brian, I know you've met them, I've seen the ads where these seven-figure news readers swoon over breathing the same air as you.

I guess that's why Brian makes the big money, his ability to read stuff like that without dissolving into gales of laughter.

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Anonymous said...

and so i stopped watching t.v. news like twenty years ago. why do u watch it?

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