Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hanging-out stuff

I don't comment on things like personal attractiveness, because this isn't that kind of blog. But I'm going to make an exception today; I hope that doesn't turn off any readers.

I am a straight male, so I do tend to notice the, ahem, attributes of females, I think in a fairly natural and visceral way. I don't walk around with my tongue hanging out, I don't whistle or catcall, and, most importantly, I don't confuse that first reaction with anything larger (at least I hope not; I've met smart blonds and stupid people with glasses, and I find that my initial impression based on looks is very quickly subsumed to other considerations, but I'd be lying if I claimed I'm totally oblivious to such things).

During my trip to Utah, I took a quick stop at Brigham Young University on a Sunday afternoon. My knowledge of the Mormon church is scant, though I know enough to recognize that it does tend toward the conservative in personal matters, so I was not entirely surprised to find that the students dressed quite well, suits for the males, long skirts or dresses for the females. (I also happened to be there eight days later and, while Monday doesn't feature quite the formality, there still appears to be a higher standard of dress than at the average college.)

Of course, I also spent quite a bit of time in our national parks and other outdoor locations, and, as anyone with eyes could probably foresee, saw quite a bit of unharnessed flesh. The most extreme case may have been the young woman who removed her pants to go wading in the Great Salt Lake, walking about in rather scanty unmentionables, or perhaps it was the young woman on all fours at the Four Corners Monument, but it would be hard not to have noticed the acres of cleavage and rear exposure.

And you know what, I found the first group far more attractive. Whether the members of group two had the goods or not (no, the muffin top look is never very alluring, ladies...and gentlemen), there simply was something unmoving about the bosoms and buttocks that seem to be de rigueur in today's "fashions."

I suppose one might say something about primate display, as young people attempt to demonstrate their sexual availability, or it might imply something about my encroaching fuddy-duddiness - I don't know about that. I'm sure the young women with all their stuff hanging out don't care what I think, but, in my book, amazing other people with how much you can show is not the same thing as demonstrating how attractive you can be. A pretty girl can wear a parka and still be lovely; a bustier and a thong don't do anything to enhance that.

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