Thursday, September 18, 2008

The return of Androcass

What do I do first, catch up on my online world, or my real world? Clean up my inbox, or clean my laundry?

Well, folks, I know you're breathlessly anticipating my insights on my travels, and they will come one of these days, but I think I'll have to go with the real world today. I'm sure some stuff has happened in the world the past couple of weeks, but it has seeped in only as a foglike substance around the need to get in the car and see stuff (I gather there was some kind of financial problem, some big storms, and so forth, but my concerns have been focused on where the cheapest gas station is).

So I thank those of you who have been reading, and I will read and comment on your comments, maybe later today, more probably tomorrow. I will just say this today about my trip: If you want to appreciate the natural world, go to Utah - you will see things that are absolutely remarkable in their scope. The trip was essentially a natural park kind of thing (I'm still catching up on all the things my mother never did, so I'm still doing the, it's 1:00, we should be in Bryce Canyon by now, kind of vacation). But it was amazing, and I'll tell you all more over the coming days.


Citizen Carrie said...

Hey, welcome back Androcass! I've never been to Utah but it's definitely on my "To Do" list. If I can believe the pictures, the state seems to have some of the most spectacular scenery in the country. (I always think of the old Roadrunner cartoons when I think of Utah's rock formations.)

So, the weather, the economy, the price of gas...see how everything collapses while you're on vacation?


whatshisname said...

Delighted you are back, big brother.

Anonymous said...

you never comment on my comments. you have another consistent commenter? there's Recession Definition Dood but that guy's nuts. also: please add more funny pictures to your blog.

Androcass said...

CC: Stay tuned for more on Utah, it is spectacular, though I intend no disparagement of your lovely Michigan in saying that (I'm not actually being sarcastic, there are some great scenic wonders in Michigan, if not quite as amazing as those of the great west).

Whats: Thank you, little bro.

mcfnord: I promised to start commenting on your comments now that I am back, and I shall. As for the funny pictures, they're there - you just have to convert my carefully-chosen words into ASCII equivalent, use a conversion book code, and map the bits into pixels, and you'll get huge laughs, I guarantee it.

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