Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lipstick on a pig, or...

We all remember the manufactured controversy when Barack Obama made his "lipstick on a pig" comment, referring to McCain/Palin's new-found commitment to change, and Republicans were up in arms, accusing him of calling Sarah Palin a pig. That blew over fairly quickly as the news cycle turned over; it was soon after that when Palin started to do some interviews and the economy officially tanked, and porcine cosmetics were lost in the shuffle.

You know, pigs are considered quite smart as animals go, and there are worse things one can call someone else, but I don't believe that Obama was using this frequent expression of his in the way Republicans claimed.

But now, Palin has returned to Alaska, and she just won't shut up. She's calling aides of John McCain "jerks" for telling stories about her, such as her lack of knowledge that Africa is a continent, going with the usual "out of context" excuse, and trying to deflect the clothing issue with claims that it is trivial.

I think it's pretty obvious that she's trying to position herself for 2012 (or 2016, if Obama turns out to be a success), and there seem to be many Republicans who are willing to go along. So I would expect that a lot of party members will be doing everything possible to get her ready, to burnish the image, to push her into a leadership short, trying to put a pig behind the lipstick.

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Greg said...

Sarah Palin spewed out the most offensive accusations about Barack Obama. Now that the Republican Party is throwing her under the (campaign) bus, she can't handle it. Please, someone call the wambulance.

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