Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Michael Crichton has died

And so this year, in which we've lost so many big names (just last week, both Gerald Arpino and Studs Terkel), we can add another. Author Michael Crichton has died at 66.

In April, I wrote a review of a book containing essays on the science found in his books. I praised The Andromeda Strain, while being somewhat dismissive of his later works. But, whatever the flaws in his work, I appreciated the intent, that of bringing science into popular fiction. It was frustrating to see the science distorted, especially when there are authors who are scrupulous in their use of technology who were far less successful, but the intent was worthwhile. Many people who would otherwise have avoided any science were brought in by Crichton's best-sellers, and that's a good thing overall. He will be missed.

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