Monday, November 3, 2008

We'll miss the election, but...

I have to confess that this horse race, long as it's been, has been pretty exciting. Tomorrow, it will be over, and, despite my reluctance to let go, it's probably just as well.

But I won't miss the political commercials, especially the part where the candidate says, "I'm Bill Perky, and I approve this message." And the reason I won't miss them is because I keep filling it in thusly: "I'm Bill Perky, and I approve this message, because I really am that wonderful." Another stuck thought, alas.

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Anonymous said...


Last night the Chicago Public Television has broadcasted a program on the two presidential candidate detailing their journeys of past 20 months.

It was an amazing rides for both of them from being the underdogs of their own parties to the top of the ticket - ups, downs, and twists.

No matter which candidate you support, this election campaigns will be fully examined in the months ahead. So do not think the discussion of this election will fade soon.

I have enjoyed reading your blocks so please keep it up.

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