Monday, December 8, 2008

Chicago = Hell?

Well, maybe. Kevin Drum picks up on the parking issue I talked about Thursday. Kevin's main point concerns the 75-year lease, which he sees as "a wee bit excessive" and "ridiculous," suggesting that 10 years or so would be reasonable (he fails to recognize that Richard Daley may still be mayor in 10 years; if not, it will be son Patrick, and there's no reason for anyone named Daley to be bit by that).

Kevin points us to a couple of places, a Barbara Kiviat piece in TIME that questions the finances behind it, and a blog (called that discusses the ways in which Daley "hates drivers." Both are well worth reading, even if you're not connected to Chicago, because they ask serious questions that are starting to confront other cash-strapped cities. If you have any questions about the wisdom of privatization, there are people already raising them; maybe, eventually, some politician will have to provide answers (well, not if his name is Daley, but you folks from other cities can have some hope.)

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