Saturday, December 6, 2008

A universal symbol of self-aggrandizement

Middling actress Jane Seymour is desperate to extend her brand, such as it is (hey, she was Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman - she was a Bond girl - she played the president in The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell), and I'm sure it's hard work trying to become the Grade B Martha Stewart.

But I'm not sure I can get through the holiday season hearing her new Kay Jewelers commercial where she talks about her Open Hearts design, telling us that she hopes it "becomes a universal symbol of hope...and love."

It's one thing to try to wedge your cooking, and your style, and your romantic living into the Stewart space; I'm sure it's hard to make more than a few million bucks trying to compete with the Martha empire. Is it really necessary to try to wedge your ego in as well? I'm not sure how you make a "universal symbol," though it helps if it's something like a stop sign. But your little jewelry thing, Jane? Just sell 'em, don't tell us what it symbolizes.

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