Friday, December 12, 2008

Over the top

As an Illinoisan, I'm not taking quite the pleasure in the travails of Governor Blagojevich as people in the rest of the country. While Hot Rod is finally getting the national attention he's always wanted (who ever thought we'd see his name on the cover of TIME?), there's really nothing positive about it.

However, this headline on an AP story is a bit much:
Ill. sinks deeper into chaos over scandal
There are, apparently, some practical concerns in paying our bills, but, as we who live here know, there are always problems paying bills (ask some doctors who have trouble getting Medicaid reimbursements). The governor isn't getting too much done? Hey, that's just business as usual here.

It's hard to explain just how dysfunctional this governor's administration has been. If we've survived six years of utter fecklessness, we can survive a few more days or weeks.

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