Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More on Twitter

Kevin Drum follows up his earlier post on Twitter (which I referred to here) with a cautionary tale about one Twitterer who has, apparently, become lost in the steam tunnels. He then goes on to talk about his own early experience (though he doesn't summarize the comments from his last post where he asked for suggestions on how Twitter can be used, some of which were enlightening to me).

He concludes, correctly I think, that Twitter is similar to Facebook in that "it doesn't really make too much sense unless you spend a lot of time with it." And that's right, they are so profoundly different in form of interaction that there is a critical mass that a user needs to get to. I haven't, which is probably why I don't recognize how central they've become to people's lives. (The same is true of any somewhat-deep-but-different user experience. For example, if all you know of Flight Simulator is, you take off, then run the plane into the Sears Tower, you know very little compared to the person who can actually land the plane.)

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